What Courses will be offered?

It is our commitment to help those who are called to any field of music or art to be adequately equipped. Through extensive discussion with instructors, we have concluded that for every area of music–whether congregational ministry, education, composition, choral conducting, or singing–the study of music theory is fundamental. Thus the core of our offerings at this point will focus on theory as a required course, with other classes to support these theory skills.

We will teach theory at four levels; each theory course will have an emphasis on composing as an integral part of learning and utilizing the course content.

We are also pleased to introduce two new courses not in the music field. Introduction to Visual Arts and Introduction to Writing.


Students take one core course and at least one supplemental course.*

Morning Chapel is required for all students.


Creative Art in Christian Worldview is required for all new students. ½

Theory  (Placement test required for first time students)

Music Theory I  3

Music Theory II   3

Music Theory III   3

Music Theory IV   3


Ear Training  (With option to test out for credit)

Ear Training I + Sight Singing I   1

Ear Training II + Sight Singing II   1

Ear Training III + Sight Singing III   1

Ear Training IV + Sight Singing IV   1


Supplemental Courses Credits

Introduction to Visual Arts (drawing / painting / graphic design) 1

Introduction to Writing 1

Introduction to Conducting for Music Teachers ½

Age-appropriate Choral Music Literature and Program
Planning for Christian Schools ½

Shaping a Music Curriculum for Christian Schools ½

History of Church Music / Hymnody ½

Choir / Ensemble ½

Biblical Foundations of Worship ½

Music Appreciation ½

Functional Piano Skills ½

Class Voice Skills ½



Private tutoring will be available to registered students.

• Private Conducting • Private Voice

• Private Composition • Private Choral Arranging

*Minimum 4 credit hours, Maximum 5 credit hours.