About Us


Our vision is to equip Christians to effectively minister through music and art. We desire to send servants forth building the Kingdom of God, glorifying Jesus Christ, edifying the saints, and finding joy in their labor.

As beings made in the image of God, all people are born with a creative impulse. God calls us, as His redeemed people, to express that creativity in holiness. Therefore we do not pursue art for its own sake or for our own glory, but as a means of communicating the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ and the experiences of humanity in a way that honors Him.

Cultivating a servant’s heart and desiring to grow are the first steps in fulfilling this calling. next, our minds need the disciplines of training and patience. This is an important part of Jesus’ command to love God not only with the heart, but also with the mind and the fruits of our labors.


We are an Anabaptist institute. Anabaptist theology and conservative interpretation of Scripture is unapologetically taught, discussed, and modeled by faculty and staff. We intend that every activity demonstrates the values of Anabaptist discipleship and is a stepping-stone to excellence. As students graduate, they are charged with serving in their local communities with their new-found skills.


We believe that being immersed in God’s Word is essential to a successful Christian life. At the institute, three days each week begin with a reflective message in Chapel, and end with group Q&A to contemplate the whole person and the role of the arts in relationship with Jesus Christ and His work of reconciliation.


Students will participate in college-level research and assignments. Classes are held Monday through Friday. each student’s work will be assessed for accuracy, effort, and quality. As a part of the overall development, we offer coursework in other fields of worship and art as well.

Fellowship & Recreation

One of the hallmarks of our Anabaptist faith is fellowship and participation in one another’s lives. For students, this happens as a natural part of school life during classes, discussions, and recreation. Along with their musical and artistic studies, students are given time to relax with others and participate in activities outside the formal study hall. our staff organizes extra-curricular events designed to make the concentrated study sustainable. The peaceful campus provides a place for relaxing walks as well as space for reading and reflection.


With students attending from all over the united States and Canada, opportunities for increased cultural awareness and acceptance abound. Students will enjoy forming lasting relationships at the institute. From formal classes and worship services to informal recreation, the results are the same: lifetime friendships, countless memories, and most importantly, the musician artist better prepared to serve God and His people.


The vision for an Anabaptist school of this type led to the organization of the first Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in 2006. Since then, many people have expressed interest in studying music and art more intensely. After years of planning and prayer, Shenandoah institute of Music and Art opened in 2010. The development of the institute is ongoing.


The administration for Shenandoah Institute of Music and Art is provided by Anabaptist Renaissance Consortium, its parent organization. The S.I.M.A. team currently consists of Joseph Ebersole as Administrator, Jeff Swanson as Assistant Administrator, Lee Weaver as Treasurer, Lloyd Kauffman as Academic Dean, Benjamin Good, and Jeremy Yoder as board members.

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